Hack for Angry Birds (Chrome Version)

I just heard that the Angry Birds team developed a version of Angry Birds into a Chrome :)
This is Interesting.

Moreover, it is free! and available for download in Google WebStore ! yeah  this is more interesting!!
Here is the link and screenshot for the Angry Birds on WebStore.

You probably notice I am using Chromium (which is an opensource version of Chrome) but it is not a big deal. Angry Birds works on Chromium too.

I installed it right away and played with it for awhile. Then I started thinking, how the program stores the data? It needs to be persistent and specific for a person to keep one's score, while it does not ask for any login information, so the only place it can be is local machine.

Since I have been working with Chrome extension and HTML5's "LocalStorage" for a month. I look into it, and I found this.


Well, this could mean we can change stars and scores in any level as we want.
It seems that number is starting from 0 which means Level 1-1 is using "level_star_0" and "level_score_0" , and so on...

Possible values to put in are :   -1 = not played , 0 - 3 are stars after cleared.

Conveniently, Chrome allows us to double-click and edit the data in Local Storage directly via this tool.
So what we need to do is change all the stars to 3 and we have cleared the game  Yeah!!!

or you could do this

I'm lazy to count number of the levels, so I just put 100 in there.

Close the tab, open Angry Birds again, here is what I see.

They all have 3-stars!   LOL

 - maximum number of levels is currently 69.

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