How to call phone from Gmail

Since Google has announced Google Voice feature on Gmail page that allows Google's users to place a call to any one in US and Canada for free. ( So, I would like to try it out.

Here is what I did to get the "Call Phone" button on GMail page.

First, start out with normal Google Chat on Gmail.
My browser was installed Google Voice and Video plugin for browser before, so I can vdo chat with other people (notice a vdo camera icon on my name).

But I didn't have the button "Call Phone" under my name yet, so I tried install the plugin again.
(The plugin download page is
See that it says something about new "Call Phone" button. I think I come in the right place.
Then, I downloaded and installed it.

installation is done and restarting browser.

after installed, google will show this page.

Now, it comes a little bit frustrating part. Because I was trying to get the "Call Phone" button the day after Google announce it, Google hasn't finished rolling out to all users yet. That's why even after I re-installed the plug-in, my GMail page is still the same.  So, I have no other choice but to wait....

Just today (Aug 26), my GMail page has a ballon showing the new feature has finally arrived. 

When click on it, it pops up a dial pad on bottom-right of the screen.

I was just so excited to try it out. I dialed my phone number :D

Guess what, my phone rang, with showing my Google Voice's phone number as the caller.

And this is the stat page after I ended my call (to myself).

This means I got 2 phone numbers now. And the Google Voice number's totally free, and also free call to both US and Canada for the whole 2010 year.  Wow!

[update on call quality] It is very good. I didn't hear any static, or noise on the line from both ends. It's simply the same as normal phone call.

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