Flash Player Crashes on Ubuntu 64bit Linux

I'm using Ubuntu Lucid, and everytimes I ran Youtube for couple of pages, my web-browser crashed.
For now, I'm using both Chrome 6.0.472.63 and Firefox 3.6.10.
Both died, by Flash Player consuming CPU utilization.

I tried to search for some solutions, and finally found the cause.
It causes from some bug in Flash Player 32bit, but since Adobe just wrapped the 32bit version to 64 bit version, then the bug is still there.

Way to solve it?
Adobe just launched some testing flash plugin for those who owns 64bit OS.
it's called  "Adobe Flash Plugin Square".
It's still in a preview release, but i guess i'll try it out.

Some important features of "Square" flash player :
 - 64 bit native support
 - IE9 hardware rendering support

I'm not a big fan of IE (and I'm using Linux btw). So, I couldn't test it on IE 9.

I did some installation of the "Square" flash on both my Chrome and Firefox.
Here are the instructions:

  1. Download the tar file from  (link on Sep 27, 2010)
  2. Extract the tar file using command
  3. Now we'll see the file "" which is the library that we want.
  4. Copy it to our browser's plugin folder
    1. [Optional] I renamed the original plugin file before I copied the new one to these locations.
    2. For Google Chrome
      1. Plugin directory is at  /opt/google/chrome/plugins

      2. So, I did the command

        $ cp /opt/google/chrome/plugins
    3. For Firefox
      1. Plugin directory is at  /home//.mozilla/plugins
      2. So, I did this command

        $ cp  /home/ptantiku/.mozilla/plugins
  5. Restart web browser
  6. Now it should be working.

It has been working fine with most of the applications, e.g. all animations, stock market trading program, etc.
But it doesn't work with Facebook's photo uploader.

So,... I remove every library (*.so), and re-install package "flashplugin-installer".
It will install the library named "" in
/usr/lib/flashplugin-installer/ (link)

and it put the link named /usr/lib/firefox-addons/plugins/
for firefox.

Then, I copy the link to make Chrome works

UPDATE on May 29, 2011:::
 - I'm using Backtrack 5 right now, and the flash still have the problem
 - flashplugin-nonfree doesn't work well enough
 - I just copied from my previous OS installation (Mint 10) to use in this case
 - to download it follow this link
 - and place it in :
      Firefox :   /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/
      Chromium: /usr/lib/chromium-browser/plugins/

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