Hide Evolution into Tray

Ubuntu comes with a tray panel that contains both socialization activities into one tray icon.

(p.s. The feature doesn't come with gmail option by default, I installed "gmail-notify" pythong script to make it works)

It works fine if you want to use chatting, broadcasting, and email application.
I found 2 flaws: one all the applications (chat/broadcast/email) won't start automatically when I starts Ubuntu, and only the email app that when I close it, it's gone and need me to open the app again.

First, to solve the first problem it's really easy
just add all the programs to Startup app, it'll open all the programs for you.
- Chatting App : "empathy"
- Broadcasting App : "gwibber"
- Email App : "evolution"

edited: for Empathy and Gwibber, they can be set to be able to start at login.
@Empathy: Edit --> Preferences --> Mark at "Automatically start on startup"
@Gwibber: Edit --> Preferences --> Mark at "Start service at login"

And where to add it is at System --> Preferences --> Startup Applications

Second Problem is...
I don't have option that I can minimize it back into a tray. There are only quit application (either hit "X" button at corner of window, or File->Quit (Ctrl+Q)) , or minimize it into Taskbar.

It's pretty annoying me because I don't like to see many windows on my screen or my taskbar, especially software that should be running in background.

So.... "ALLTRAY" is a life saver.
just install the application and any window that I want it to be a tray icon, it'll go to tray icon.
to install it.
$ sudo apt-get install alltray

And Now, How to use it.

The application will be in Application ---> Accessories ---> Alltray

It'll show up with screen like this, and mouse cursor will change. (Alltray window over Evolution window)

Then, just simply click at the "Evolution" window. Then, Alltray window will disappear and now we can click minimize the Evolution window and It'll go to tray like this:

Getting new tray icon... (Evolution is running in minimize mode)

To make it permanently,
Let's make Alltray handles the process since it starts up.
So, I edited the startup command (in Preferences --> Startup Applications) for Evolution to
alltray -l evolution

That's it!

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