Just installed aMSN,.. and WHAT IS THIS!?!?!?

I just installed aMSN , just wanna check it out, but WHAT IS THIS!

It seems like it checks every contact that I ever deleted (including spam emails too)
and put up in one screen for me to add them back again???

Why would I add them if I deleted them ??

One more interesting thing is...
It provides me the reverse MSN List?? 


It even provides the colors to highlight the contacts that i should focus on.
From playing it, .. I guess...
The Bottom Left List :
  - Green: current contacts I have.
  - Red:  the contact I have, but he/she doesn't have me on there list anymore (should delete?)

The Bottom Right List:
  - Green: he/she has me in his/her contact list , and I already have him/her (Good)
  - Green on Yellow background:  he/she still has me on the contact, but I don't have him/her contact anymore.(might consider to add him/her)
  - Red: both I and he/she don't have each other contact. (might consider to delete it)

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