My temperature checking script

I'm using DELL XPS1330 with Nvidia 8400GS which always having heat problem since it arrived.
Now, I'm using Ubuntu and it crashed several times because of the graphic card's overheating.

That's why I need to check the temperature frequently both CPU and GPU. And the easy way to do is to writing a script.

So, I wrote this script and put it in /usr/bin/ as following.
#Written by ptantiku
echo ------CPU------
cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep MHz
acpi -t
echo ------GPU------
nvidia-smi -a | grep Temperature | sed -e 's/^\t//'

The result will look like this when run the command.
ptantiku@ptantiku-desktop:~$ temp
cpu MHz  : 800.000
cpu MHz  : 800.000
Thermal 0: ok, 36.5 degrees C
Temperature  : 73 C

I collect the CPUs' speed as well because I want to check the loading of my CPU.
When the CPU is off the load, it reduces its power consumption and runs at lower speed (my lowest speed is 800 MHz from the top speed of 2400MHz)

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