BlackSheep, another way to fight FireSheep

BlackSheep, the first Firefox's add-on to fight for our session against FireSheep.

Image and excerpt are from BlackSheep's website (

"BlackSheep will continually drop fake session information onto the wire and then listen for another IP address re-submitting this same information, as this will indicate the presence of Firesheep on the network."

From what I read, it only detects the malicious user in the same network that we are using.
It does not do any damage to the attacker, or prevent anything.

 - Primary, BlackSheep is available for Windows & Mac OSX with Firefox(32bit only)
 - Link for a download binary for Linux(built by CentOS5 x86, x64),
and also information to manually built if the binary does not work.

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