Another Solution to Solve Seagate's Harddisk Keeps popping up in Linux

Some said, the problem is because of inside the Seagate's GoFlex Desk hard drive has some sort of a circuit that keeps sleeping in some period of time (mine is about 10 min, I didn't actually time it)
So, one way is to try using "hdparm" which is unix tool to set some advanced register of the hard drive.
I did, but it did not work.  I started a thread here ( to ask for other solutions, but I got no answer.

So, I searched and found this thread in Seagate Forums
This seems promising, but I also need to download the tool called "Seagate Dashboard Utilities", which is not available for public!!  I don't know why I have to ask the support for the permission first before downloading this.

Then, I had a chat with a Seagate technician via Seagate support site. He said that if you buy it from Costco, they put different software bundle into the hard drive, so that's why I don't have "Seagate Dashboard Util" in my drive. But I still don't get it, even it's different retail, the main Seagate website should allow any customer to download the tools easily...  well, whatever.

update: I just got the reason while I was chatting with one of the technician.
** Note: This software may not be provided to anyone from a restricted country. 
Restricted countries include Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria. 
China has restrictions on importing encryption so a separate version of software will be available for China without encryption. 

The tool is only available for Windows OS only. I even have to setup a virtual machine to do this, FOR JUST SOLVING THIS PROBLEM.

Here are screenshots of the tools.

 Start installing

Installing Addition Tools?  No, I ticked all of them off.

Here's the screenshot of the program after installation.

Click at "Drive Settings..." this will pop up

Change power setting to "Never" sleep, ever, ever again.

Hit "Save" and done.

And now the problem is solved!


  1. How do you get it? This is crazy!... I'm returning the 2 drives BACK to Costco... they can eat it!

  2. Well, what I did is,
    after I tried to search for a link to download the software, I was very certain that there is no other way else except talk to the support guy. So I had a long online-chat with one of them, tell him that I know that this is the only thing to solve it and you "must" give me this. Finally he talked to his supervisor and gave me the tool.

    I think it's not matter anymore for you, right?
    well then, thank you for reading my blog.