Migrating Windows XP from VirtualBox to VMWare

Some one just recommended me to use VMWare instead of Virtualbox, saying that it's faster and VMWare Player is also free as same as Virtualbox. I said I'll check it out.

Since I already installed my Windows XP SP3 and all patches, I don't want to waste my time redo it again. So, I'll find a way to migrate it into VMWare player.

Problem is, VMWare is very proprietary , it doesn't even have any import/conversion tool for other brands to use with it. Comparing to Virtualbox, it supports more of virtual hard drive format - it supports its own format (.vdi) and also VMWare format such as VDMK, VHD.

Well, after awhile, I found a way to convert my WindowsXP.vdi into other format by using VirtualBox itself.
VirtualBox has a tool called "VBoxManage" which I can use to convert its hdd format into VHD fomat (I picked this format because it's common format between both software and it's an open format)
VBoxManage clonehd WindowsXP.vdi WindowsXP.vhd --format vhd

Now, I can create new VM on VMWare and set it to use my WindowsXP.vhd as its hard drive.

Unfortunate me, after I boot I found another problem.
It's Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)!!!

Well I guess it's common for VMWare, huh? because I found many threads talking about this. The BSOD with error code 0x7B. Anyway, I have been trying out several methods and finally, I found a solution.

The problem is, VMWare always set a newly imported hard drive as "SCSI".
In VirtualBox, the hard drive was set as a normal IDE , so I don't have to installed SCSI driver in my Windows XP.
With the situation like this, I found a post here (
saying that editing VMWare config works.
Of course, I tried it out.

I edited my "Windows XP Professional.vmx" by changing the hard disk configuration from
(I remove the last line (present=false) as well)

In the end, I restart the VM, and It works flawlessly.

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  1. thanks for the VBoxManage tip. It helped me to convert my Virtualbox XP disk and mount it on Virtual PC that I run on Windows 7 home premium.