Facebook: Facts & Figures

These are facts and figures I was searching from Facebook's Help page.

Updated on : Feb 13, 2011

A person:

  • can join 300 groups 
  • can like 500 pages 
  • can have 1000 friends per a friend list
  • can have 100 friend lists
  • can send a message to 20 friends at once, but for none-friend, one message/person at a time.
  • above rule applies to VDO message
  • can upload photos up to 200 photos per album, with no limit on number of albums. Mobile album restricts at 100 photos per album  
  • has no limit on number of using applications
  • has no limit on number of pages managed.
VDO Uploading:
  • larger edge less than 1280 pixels
  • aspect ratio between 9:16 to 16:9
  • maximum 30fps (if excess, it'll be re-encoded to 30fps)
  • sound can be either mono or stereo (if excess,like 5.1 ch, it'll be re-encoded to 2 ch)
  • sound can be sampled either 22.05kHz or 44.1 kHz whichever is closest to original
  • VDO file types: 3g2,3gp,3gpp,asf,avi,dat, flv,m4v,mkv,mod,mov,mp4,mpe,mpeg,mpeg4,mpg,nsv,ogm,ogv,qt,tod,vob,wmv
  • recommended format: H.264 + AAC in .MOV or .MP4

  • Page name can be change, only if <100 members
  • No limit on number of admins 


  • (new group) has chatting feature only when it has less than 250 members
  • (old group) has group messaging (for admin) only when it has less than 5,000 members
I'd like to provide all the links, but they are too many.
So I'll give few examples:
The rest, you can search for them in

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