Getting Free Cloud Space from Amazon

Amazon just announced "Cloud Drive"

and for promotion, free 5GB for everyone!!!  great!

Basically, "Cloud Drive" is a new cloud-based storage on the web.
Since, Amazon is one of infamous commercial cloud providers, this is quite a big thing for Amazon to give away a free stuffs.

I think this is just a promotion for people to buy music from Amazon so they can download it to Amazon's "Cloud Player" and play it on-line. Quite a good strategy : music store to sale music, plus free storage that you can access from anywhere, and it's 5GB for free.
I tried to purchase a free music and tried to add into my cloud storage. This is the result:

The free song I chose
After purchasing, you have an option to save to your "Cloud Drive"

Here it comes into my "Cloud Drive" 
(actually, this is "Cloud Player" page)

On this page, you'll see all your music you have here. You'll be able to play the songs and manipulate them.

If you click the yellow button on top-left - "Upload to your cloud drive", you'll access your "Cloud Drive" there. Here's the screenshot:

Very familiar folder pattern, it seems like this type of folders will be standard in every services/OSes.

A trick to gain 20GB Cloud Drive for a year from Amazon with insanely cheap price.
 According to the Amazon's promotion:

If you actually pay (free one doesn't work) for a MP3 music album from Amazon, you can upgrade your Cloud Drive to 20GB for a year.
So, you can choose to purchase the cheapest music album on Amazon which is starting from $0.69!! and you'll get 20GB!  sounds good,huh?


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