WMV in Ubuntu Lucid

This is gonna be a short post on how I solve it.
Starting off with an error popup from VLC when I tried to open a WMV file.
It said something like,  wmap is not supported, and unfortunately you can't do anything about it.

After a little dig,  wmap stands for "Windows Media Audio Pro" (wma pro) which is different from other Ms audio formats that it includes DRM and it started in WMA9.

Other solutions that I have tried so far:
 - Add Medibuntu (Ubuntu Media Repository) and install w32codecs, w64codecs, non-free-codecs and other *-extras and *-unstripped-* packages.  Still doesn't work, I don't know why.
 - some says it needs "libdvdcss2", so I installed, and it still does not work.
 - on Ubuntu's Medibuntu page  doesn't say thing different, so it doesn't help
 - some points to this page  I saw many files on the page, but no idea what to do next
 - this guy uses w32codecs and mplayer 32bit version to run. As I stated above, w32codecs doesn't work, so I didn't try.

Finally, some one says to get the latest version of mplayer using this PPA
So, I followed. I removed the mplayer in the system and installed the new one from the PPA site.
Now it works!

Although it doesn't come with UI, that's why SMplayer was also suggested to install after Mplayer.

To check it, the result would be something like this:

$ mplayer -ac help | grep wma

wma9dmo     dmo       working   Windows Media Audio 9 DMO  [wma9dmod.dll]
wmadmo      dmo       working   Windows Media Audio DMO  [wmadmod.dll]
wma9spdmo   dmo       working   Windows Media Audio 9 Speech DMO  [wmspdmod.dll]
wma9spdshow dshow     working   Windows Media Audio 9 Speech DShow  []
ffwmav1     ffmpeg    untested  DivX audio v1 (FFmpeg)  [wmav1]
ffwmav2     ffmpeg    untested  DivX audio v2 (FFmpeg)  [wmav2]
ffwmapro    ffmpeg    untested  WMA Pro audio (FFmpeg)  [wmapro]
ffwmavoice  ffmpeg    untested  WMA Voice audio (FFmpeg)  [wmavoice]

notice the word "wmapro"

Although, this workaround does not help VLC to be able to open the WMV/WMA files, at least something can.

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