Surfers and Problems

picture from boston_camera

I went to Huntington beach today, just to find a place to read a book.
What I did instead was watching many surfers surfed in the ocean.
I don't know if they realize it or not, but from the third-person like me,
when they are swimming into the ocean and waiting for a big wave to come,
it looks more like a person who wants to run into a problem. weird.

Who like to run into a problem? I don't!

It is a strange feeling I had,  though I appreciate their courage and their ability to turn a problem into fun & profit, but I ask myself "would I do it?" the answer is always a no. It could be fear that governs my heart.

"Fear" is always come in the way when we talk about problems.
That's why we rather manage to avoid and escape them as much as they come, than to wait for it and solve it.

Why? Solving a problem is bitter, boring and hard.

Isn't the surfing bitter, boring and hard?
It could be for us, but it is certainly not in the surfers' eyes.
One explanation could be that, they have been fighting with the waves for so long until one day "they get it". They realize the nature of it, they realize what it can do, they realize how to solve it, and finally they realize how "fun" it can give for solving it.

Can we do that with our problems?

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