Enable USB Devices on Virtualbox on Ubuntu Host

My test environment:
- Ubuntu 11.10
- Virtualbox 4.1.2 + extension pack

To enable USB devices in Virtualbox after installed it, is only add your username into vboxusers group (created by Virtualbox)

step by step (ordinary method):

 1. sudo vi /etc/group
 2. add your username in the line that says
, so it would be
(where as "anidear" is the username)
 3. save and restart Ubuntu for it to take effect.

short way:
  sudo usermod -G vboxusers -a anidear
(where as "anidear" is the username)


  1. With Host Ubuntu 11.10 and guest Windows 7
    VirtualBox 4.1.8 with installed extension pack.

    Done with adding the user to vboxusers group,but it didnt work for me.VirtualBox does recognize the devices,the status of those devices are busy.Windoes 7 doesnt recognise those (storage)devices.Pls post detailed post

  2. It could be that you haven't enabled the USB2.0 yet (normally it's off by default).
    To enable it:
    - Right click on your guess OS, select "Settings" menu on Virtualbox
    - Select "USB" tab
    - Check on Enable USB 2.0 (EHCI) Controller

    Like in this picture:

    Then you can choose to mount the USB device with the VM.