An update

Hello All,

First of all thanks for reading my blog posts.
I was so surprised when I saw the stat of this blog went from like <10,000 to 173,000 !!! IN LESS THAN A YEAR!!!

I have gone away from this blog for a long time. This dues to my current life situation that I have unclear life goal and I am trying to work and self-study in many different things which is just going nowhere. Therefore I have nothing to post.

Even I set that problems aside, I still have wonder what I would do with this site of mine.

  • What should I write about?
  • Would it be just a blog of an interesting project like before? 
  • Then what field should it be. electronics? gadgets? hacking? social interactions? life? 
  • Is it in English or Thai?
  • How often I can response to the reader comments?
  • What the format this site would be?
Anyway, all of these problems were coming from me not being indecisive. And that also came from I don't know my life goal and path that I have to take. This reminds me of someone says that 
The root of "Fear" comes from "Unknown".
When you do not possess the knowledge necessary for something, it causes fear in your mind. It is like, if you are fear of falling into water, it is because you do not possess the knowledge of how to survive in the water (aka. swimming). And without that knowledge, it is more likely to fail when you have to face that situation.
Therefore, I decided to consult many of friends, reading books in order to acquire the necessary knowledge before making my decisions. And that is for about my life decisions.

For this site, I have decided that I would:

  • mostly write about the knowledge related to my field of study (Software Engineering) and any project that I participate in. 
  • still blog about security, life and personal success, but these will be minority
  • over 90% of what I will write will be in English (so I can practice my writing)
  • format in this site still be a blog
  • I'll remove Facebook comment box soon, since I rarely read them
  • I'd response for the problem occurs from doing the steps in what I write about and I have also encounter the problem before. I am sorry, but I really don't have time to try out and solve all possible errors from the method.

And that's all for now ^_^