Install Conky on Ubuntu - Cool System Monitor

Conky is an application on Ubuntu for monitoring system status. It provides:

  • Date & Time
  • CPU utilization
  • Memory utilization
  • Hard disk & swap utilization
  • Network utilization
  • Be able to continuously execute commands
  • Display running processes (from "top" command)
  • Display IP addresses
  • Display kernel version and hostname
My screen is look like this now (minus the processes bar).

Individual Conky

  1. install conky application: execute the line below
    sudo apt-get install conky conky-all
  2. choose theme: choices are:
    1. and search for "conky"
    2. or download my version. It was "Conky Lua" theme, then I modified it a little bit to display Blackbuntu logo, IP addresses and processes .
  3. install theme: extract the downloaded theme file and copy them into directories
    1. other themes may have different way to put theme file in, so read their instruction for properly put the files
    2. but basicaly it would be like mine, which are
      1. put ".conkyrc" in your home directory (e.x. my home is at /home/anidear)
      2. put "blackbuntu_logo.png" into ".conky" directory in home directory (ex. /home/anidear/.conky) If the ".conky" directory does not exist, create it.
      3. put "clock_rings.lua" into ".lua/script" in home (so it'll be in /home/anidear/.lua/scripts) And again, if it does not exist, create it.
  4. test run: you can type "conky" into command line to see how it's running. 
    1. While it is running, if you edit ".conkyrc" file and save, Conky will update it using the new configuration automatically.
    2. Press "Ctrl+C" on the command line to stop the running process.
  5. set it to run at startup
    1. go to either "System -> Preferences -> Sessions" or "System -> Preferences -> Startup Applications"
    2. add the new startup running program (with delay 20 seconds before it starts to let system finished loading)
      • Name: Conky
      • Comment: Conky System Monitor
      • Command: sleep 20 && conky
    3. close

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