Flashing My Nexus 5

My previous phone was Nexus S, which I installed Cyanogen Mod 10 in it, and it's very fun to play with, except the fact that now it's very slow dues to the growing size of applications.

Then I bought my Google Nexus 5 phone for almost a month ago. What I have experienced is a very fast response from my phone (of course, it's newer), but I am not satisfied at all with the stock ROM that came with it. I don't really have any high hope on it, but it does poorer than what I expected. For example, I can't add a new home screen to the left (why?), I can't customize menus on my quick panel. Just few little things that I can't do that frustrates me.

I was thinking about using Cyanogen Mod for awhile but I didn't, because I thought it wasn't released for Nexus 5 yet.

Today, my friend just informed me that it was out. The CM11 M1!

And he suggested me to use the new recovery image from Team Win, instead of Clockwork Mod, because it provides touch capability. I don't care such a minor detail, but I try anyway.

Flashing recovery image (Team Win Recovery Project 2: TWRP2)
    - Download the newest recovery image from
    - Boot the device into bootloader mode by either
        - turn on the device while holding lower volume button
        - using command "adb reboot bootloader" (usb cable must be connected)
    - Make sure that USB cable is connected and fastboot command sees the device by using
        - fastboot devices
        - *sometimes need to use sudo to do it
        - if the result shows something like "0313a8b9508b7cf0   fastboot" then it's ready
    - Install recovery image using command
        - fastboot flash recovery <filename>
        - * change <filename> to the file downloaded, e.g. openrecovery-twrp-
    - wait until the writing is done, then reboot

Flashing ROM image (Cyanogen Mod 11.0 M1: CM11.0 M1)
    - Download the latest rom image from the link below, onto the device (in under /sdcard)
    - Reboot in recovery mode using command
        - adb reboot recovery
    - (Optional) Wipe System & Dalvik Cache
        - Wipe
        - select Advance wipe (DONOT SELECT FORMAT DATA)
        - select System & Dalvik Cache
        - Swipe to wipe
    - Select "install"
    - Browse to the downloaded ROM image (its name should be something like
    - Swipe to flash
    - Reboot system

Flashing Google Apps (gapps)
    - CM doesn't come with Google Apps, even the play store, so we need to install it.
    - Download the latest for Kitkat at the link below into /sdcard
    - Reboot into recovery mode
    - select Install
    - browse for this downloaded file
    - swipe to install

To revert everything back to the original

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